Updates from November Membership Meeting


The November COA Membership Meeting was a success! Over 35 people came to the Downtown Library to meet with COA members and our grassroots partners and discuss the important social justice issues of our day. We all know that democracy doesn't end on Election Day, and now that those campaigns are behind us, it's time we double-down on meeting the pressing needs of our communities. From food deserts to gender inequity, to LGBTQ oppression to civil rights violations, Chattanooga's marginalized communities are in a fight for their very survival... a fight that includes us all. 

We Need Your Support: COA Winter Fundraiser

Come April of 2015, COA will be five years old. We've traveled quite a ways with you all since the very beginning.

Community-Based Learning Event: Telling Your Story

Poverty is violence, and violence begets trauma. Understanding how that trauma has (mis)-shaped our community it critical to making informed policy decisions that could lift our people out of despair and poverty. We hope to see you at the library this Thursday!

Solidarity in CHA: How to Support Grassroots Organizing

Chances are you've heard of the campaigns going on in Lincoln Park, the Westside, and in the other communities we've worked in. As a grassroots-led organization, those campaigns are led BY the people living in those communities.

But what if you don't live in those communities?
How do you help? 

COA November Member Meeting

"Solidarity helps you see the difference between a band aid and a cure. It helps you see the difference between actual solutions and propaganda. It also points out the key of
intersectionality - we're all in this together." - COA member, previous meeting.

Join Chattanooga Organized for Action! The public is welcome to attend.

ACTION ALERT: Five Year Consolidated Plan Public Meetings

The City of Chattanooga is hosting a public comment meeting on its new Five Year Consolidated Plan as hosted by the Economic and Community Development department. The plan paints the broad strokes and of how important Federal dollars will be spent in the community.


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