Weekly Update/// Spectrum, Mercy Junction, Upcoming Membership Meeting

Spectrum wins gender-neutral bathrooms at UTC

We're super-proud of our friends at Spectrum at UTC for winning gender-neutral restrooms for transgender and gender non-conforming students. You're doing what it takes to make the university a safer and more welcoming place for all students.

COA January Meeting

Interested in getting involved in Chattanooga's growing movement for social justice? Have an idea for bringing change to Chattanooga? If you're interested in meeting great people committed to the cause of social justice in your city, then you're at the right place. 

Chattanooga Deserves a Housing Policy

 We are seeing the measures Chattanooga’s city government is taking to entice newcomers to our city. We are witnessing the development of luxurious condos and apartment buildings that impress tourists and invite “engineers and entrepreneurs.” Amongst this “tornado of innovation,” perhaps it’s easy to forget the ones who were living in Chattanooga long before this “progressive” era. These are the citizens of Chattanooga who are just as valuable as any tourists or newcomers. These are the working individuals and families who are unable to find and maintain affordable, decent, and acceptable housing.

Speak Out Against Rape Culture at UT Chattanooga

UTC is currently being federally investigated by the Office of Civil Rights in the Department of Education for how it handled a rape case on our campus. There will be a public hearing for student input on how they have handled rape and sexual violence on campus. 

As the documents from that hearing show, UTC administrative figures such as Joanie Sompayrac and Chad Clark showed, at best, a careless disregard for the victim in this case and, at worst, blamed and shamed a rape victim for their sexual assault. 

Lincoln Park Criticizes NEPA Historic Report

On Friday, December 5th, 2014, contractors hired by the City of Chattanooga released an important document involving the development of the Central Avenue Extension, a road project opposed by the Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association (LPNA).

Called the “NEPA Historical/Architectural Assessment”, this document lays out the case for why, in the opinion of the contractor, Lincoln Park is not considered historic for the purposes of preservation. The contractors released this report after months of waiting and asking by the LPNA. Put together by a paid contractor under the authority of the City, this report determines whether or not properties impacted by the Central Avenue Extension, including Lincoln Park, are eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places, thereby adding additional protections for preservation.

Chattanooga community groups denounce police harassment, demand accountability

Chattanooga Organized for Action and Mercy Junction join together to denounce the increasingly racist, misogynistic and threatening online rhetoric we have seen from local law enforcement officers and their supporters over the past week. While we continue to be troubled by the systemic lack of police accountability to the public, we have found reason to hope this particular situation will be rectified in Police Chief Fred Fletcher’s assurances to complainants that he takes the online comments seriously and is conducting an investigation.


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