Whose Reinvestment? COA Report Looks at Discriminatory Banking Practices

COA's report on major discriminatory lending practices, entitled Whose Reinvestment: The Failure of Equitable Home Lending in Chattanooga, has been released after nearly a year of work.

The report may be read HERE.

 The major findings of the report are startling:

Citico Rising: Lincoln Park & The Struggle for Sacred Spaces

Citico Rising: Lincoln Park & The Struggle for Sacred Spaces

Chattanooga Organized for Action is asking all Chattanoogans, who are able, to show out and support the Chattanooga InterTribal Association at 8 AM on June 19th in a ceremony for the preservation of Native American sacred sites

Lincoln Park is Made for All Residents: A Guide to the 5/31 City Council Meeting

Made for All Residents: The Voices of the Lincoln Park 

At the May 31st meeting of the Chattanooga City Council, residents and supporters of the Lincoln Park Neighborhood had had enough. They showed out in opposition of a zoning change that Lincoln Park leaders called "aggressive gentrification".

Let Them Build: What (and Who) is Stopping Affordable Housing Developers in Chattanooga?

The over-taxation of Housing Tax Credits is killing Affordable Housing development in Chattanooga and the Assessor of Property can stop it right now. 

Who cares about the Assessor of Property election? It is a small county position. It is bureaucratic. Can it be that important? It is not President of the United States... it isn't even Mayor of Chattanooga. Why should we care? 

The Silent Election: How the Assessor of Property Could Help Stop the Affordable Housing Crisis

The 2016 Presidential Election is well upon us.  Media is buzzing with news of caucuses and primaries. In Chattanooga, the Assessor of Property race could be critical to fixing the Affordable Housing Crisis. 

Chattanooga's Affordable Housing Crisis: Frequently Asked Questions

Affordable housing issues are complicated. Chattanooga Organized for Action (COA) has spent much of its five years deeply engaged with the uniqueness of Chattanooga's crisis. This FAQ can act as a guide into the many different moving pieces of the Affordable Housing Crisis:


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