The Memphis Model: New PILOT Program Can Be Step Toward Housing For All

An over 4,000 affordable unit housing deficit is not a problem… it is a Crisis.

Reframing the Renaissance: Innovation and Inequality

Chattanooga Organized for Action was cited in an October 9th article in Nonprofit QuarterlyThe article, entitled "Chattanooga: A Model of Urban Revitalization, or Inequality and Gentrification?",  examines the dual nature of Chattanooga's economic development.

False Standards of Affordability

WTVC NewsChannel 9

Jefferson Hodge, Board member of Chattanooga Organized for Action, recently talked with WTVC NewsChannel 9 about the affordable housing crisis and the false standards of affordability used to provide tax deals to downtown developers. Check out their piece on the Choo Choo apartments here:

New Citizen's Guide to Hamilton County Department of Education Budget

Hamilton County Education Budget

For those interested, the local Department of Education has just published the first citizen's guide to the education budget and budget process. This is a welcomed step forward, and it does well in explaining sources of funding for education, changes in funding, and a very general overview of where the money goes. It is not line-item budgeting, and those looking for more exacting detail are going to be disappointed. However, it does a great job with the information it presents, and it is concise.

Priced Out: Chattanooga's Affordable Housing Crisis

For Chattanooga's working families, the lack of affordable housing is at crisis levels. Too many of us are faced with the choice of paying the rent or saving for our kid's college, and that choice is not only weighing down our futures, it is thwarting the potential of our city.

Get the facts. Share with your friends. Demand action now.

City Council Invites COA to Give Presentation on Affordable Housing Crisis

The Chattanooga City Council has invited COA to give a presentation on the local affordable housing crisis on Tuesday, April 7th at the Economic and Community Development Committee immediately following the Council's agenda session at 3:00 PM. 

The presentation will focus on Chattanooga's deepening crisis of housing affordability. Among these facts include: 


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