Spectrum Petitions UTC for the Rights of Students to Self-Identify

“We are in a place now where more and more trans* people want to come forward and say, 

This is who I am.” 

-Laverne Cox, LGBTQ advocate (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer)

Imagine if a stranger had the power to determine the role you are expected to fulfill from birth for the rest of your life.

Act Now! - Public Hearing on the Wilcox Tunnel

Attention COA Members! We've been asked to invite you to stand in support of the North Brainerd Community Council as they demand long-delayed improvements to the Wilcox Tunnel. After having waited years and years, now is the time to provide the North Brainerd and East Chattanooga communities with the kind of infrastructure repairs that are vital to a healthy and growing neighborhood. 

As you know, transportation issues play significantly into matters of social justice. One need look no further than the campaign to save theLincoln Park community from the Central Avenue Extension. By repairing the Wilcox Tunnel, the City can use transportation projects to help the communities who need it most.

Come out to the Public Hearing for the Wilcox Tunnel and support the North Brainerd and East Chattanooga communities!

COA State of Housing Forum: Q&A with CHA and CNE

It doesn't take too much digging to see that Chattanooga has a pressing challenge when it comes to affordable housing for low-income people and working families. With one out of every two households in the urban core living in unaffordable housing, we as a community must seize the opportunity to promote a progressive vision for housing in Chattanooga. 

Updates from January Membership Meeting

Our January membership meeting took place on Wednesday the 21st at the Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center. In this meeting, our members were provided with crucial knowledge concerning the full scope of housing justice in Chattanooga. Individuals were given the opportunity to speak and ask questions as the facts on housing were presented. By exploring and explaining all the problematic elements that contribute to housing injustice, Chattanooga Organized for Action is seeking solutions and pragmatic answers to issues like subsidized gentrification and democratic inaccessibility.  

In order to efficiently work as a group toward progress in affordable housing, members filled out asset mapping answer sheets that contained questions about their strengths, interests, and motivations in relation to COA's principles. These answer sheets are being utilized as defining how we will approach housing injustice based on the desires and talents of our membership.

February Membership Meeting

Interested in getting involved in Chattanooga's growing movement for social justice? Have an idea for bringing change to Chattanooga? If you're interested in meeting great people committed to the cause of  social justice in your city, then you're at the right place. 

Join COA February 18th at the Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center for our February Member Meeting. We're in the midst of planning a campaign to win housing justice for Chattanooga, and we need you on the ground floor. 

See you soon!

Weekly Update/// Spectrum, Mercy Junction, Upcoming Membership Meeting

Spectrum wins gender-neutral bathrooms at UTC

We're super-proud of our friends at Spectrum at UTC for winning gender-neutral restrooms for transgender and gender non-conforming students. You're doing what it takes to make the university a safer and more welcoming place for all students.


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