ACTION ALERT: Five Year Consolidated Plan Public Meetings

The City of Chattanooga is hosting a public comment meeting on its new Five Year Consolidated Plan as hosted by the Economic and Community Development department. The plan paints the broad strokes and of how important Federal dollars will be spent in the community.

Communities Speak Out Against Planned Demolition of Public Housing

Ms. Gloria Griffith of the Westside Community Association speaks to the Housing Authority.
On Tuesday, September 30th, members of the community and supporters of Chattanooga's public housing residents converged on the annual public hearing of the Chattanooga Housing Authority to review the agency's plans for the planned demolition of College Hill Courts and East Lake Courts, the two largest remaining public housing communities in our city. 

Hamilton County Commission Votes to Support Amendment 1

In a highly contentious vote, the Hamilton County Commission today voted to support the anti-choice Amendment 1. 

You're Invited: COA October Member Meeting

Interested in getting involved in Chattanooga's growing movement for social justice? Have an idea for bringing change to Chattanooga? If you're interested in meeting great people committed to the cause of social justice in your city, then you're at the right place. 

Chattanooga Organized for Action hosts a membership meeting every month where people can discuss the serious issues that face our marginalized communities and come up with plans to win change and power for our people. 

Lincoln Park to Mayor Berke: Get on the Right Side of History

Mayor Berke, its time to take a stand. The Black community should not be asked to surrender its history in the name of a progress it isn't equally benefiting from. Stop the Central Avenue Extension and save Lincoln Park.

Get on the right side of history. You may never be given as good a chance as this.

ACTION ALERT: County Commission Voting on Resolution Supporting Amendment 1-- Wednesday, Oct 1st

The Hamilton County Commission is set to vote next Wednesday, October 1st, on a resolution in support of the dangerous, anti-choice Amendment 1. If passed this November, Amendment 1 would give Tennessee legislators the power to make laws restricting a woman's access to the reproductive services she needs. We believe that a woman's choices should be left up to her, and between her faith, family, and personal physician. 


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